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Making An Employee Newsletter

April 14, 2019

Businesses of all sizes want effective internal communication. Effective workplace communication has many different definitions, and there even more reasons to desire it. One of the most important is helping employees remain in touch with current events, new hires, workplace happenings, and more. But never stop here with these obvious desirable benefits. Instead, think of your employee newsletter as a powerful risk management tool capable of helping employees with personal and work-related problems that affect the bottom line.

A company newsletter is the only way to make all these things happen, and it is at least the most cost-effective. The  most powerful company newsletters or employee newsletters do three major things: They help employees with personal concerns and problems that affect their lives, especially stress; they offer productivity tips and skill ideas that maximize employee productivity and workplace contributions to the bottom line; and they offer content and articles that help family members of employees with their own personal problems, thereby reaching far beyond the walls of the company to address the domestic concerns and unresolved issues within families can seriously affect the value of the worker.

Are you beginning to see the power of employee newsletters for helping employees’ and company health?

Consider that articles can address the most common problems with precise steps for resolving them. For example – problems that keep employees from getting to work on time. There are many. These problems and issues range from day care to domestic violence, and everything in between that make employees late to work or create other behavioral risk exposures. See the free tip sheet at as an example of content that can easy the distress of new parents that can influence their timely arrival at work. It’s called “Worry Less about Child Day Care” – download this tip sheet now and use the content in your company or employee newsletter.

Needless to say, employee newsletters when properly constructed can help preserve the bottom line and save lives—literally. The beauty of employee newsletters is the captured audience – employees paid to be at work—who will read content given to them on almost anything the employer wants them to consider.

Is there any easier way to reduce risk in the workplace than an employee newsletter? It’s my opinion, that the answer is no. And the best way to deliver life-saving content—do it monthly, and only use two page newsletters, not four pages. Four pages are always quarterly—no one can product such a newsletter frequently, but a two-page short article newsletter is easy, and when published monthly is 50% more content, and more LIKELY to be ready content than a four season, four-pager.

Human Resource departments spend a considerable amount of time, money, and effort developing ways to improve knowledge and skills of their employees as well as boost morale of workers. Many overlook the employee newsletter for one simple reason – no one can keep up with one. When assigned to a worker who has other duties, invariably the newsletter will flop. (See the FrontLine Employee newsletter solution to learn more about one option for getting your newsletter done without the pain and never being late.)

Seminars, workshops, and school courses can certainly provide benefit toward the goal of improving employee wellbeing, but incisive articles that are short and punchy, and that with plenty of how-tos, checklists, resource links, and steps present the most valuable content for your employees. And employee newsletters can target highly specific issues that are facing society right now, at the moment. Take for example the Opioid Crisis. Consider an article on how to help a friend or loved one with this problem. It’s easy. It only takes a bit of focus to produce such content.

A wellness newsletter, whether produced weekly, biweekly, monthly, or less frequently can have an immediate impact on overall morale and productivity. Imagine employees being greeted to headlines such as:

Have a Good Mental Health Day at Work
If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, you know that their symptoms don’t park themselves at the front door when you arrive at work.

Gratitude’s Got Science Behind It
The benefits of practicing gratitude have real science behind it. This principle recognizes that how we think and condition ourselves to think produces expectations and plays a significant role...

Tech for To-Do Lists: Try Trello
Most of us use to-do lists, and there are now many to-do list apps to choose from. One is based on tech billionaire Lief Andreesson’s personal method of managing his life. It’s called Trello (and is available at Its basic use is free.

Giving Feedback that Sticks
Advice about giving feedback often centers on reducing the recipient’s defensiveness, not whether feedback will create change. However, there is a science-based approach for the latter.

Can We Talk?
Is there a “right way” or “best approach” for convincing a troubled friend or loved one to get professional counseling?

Feeling Great, But Do You have Prediabetes?
You can feel like a million bucks and still have a serious health condition called prediabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of three adults in the United States has prediabetes.

Soft Skills: Maintain a Positive Attitude
Having a positive attitude does not mean you are dismissive of problems and concerns, while others who are pessimistic or downbeat are more mature and realistic in the face of undesirable circumstances.

Find Moments for Movement to Stay Fit
Research has shown that sitting at a desk most of the day can take a toll on your health. For this reason, some health experts call long-term sitting “the new smoking.” Stand-up desks and even expensive treadmill-desks have been introduced to mitigate this health crisis.

These are just a few quick headline ideas that target very specific behaviors and skills throughout the workplace. Articles contained in FrontLine Employee newsletter are refined and specific to a topic, and have a dramatic effect on improving the wellbeing of the workforce.

Relying on an employee newsletter means that companies will not be required to devote as many of their resources to training seminars and workshops throughout the year.

An employee newsletter can be created in-house or you can outsource the work to professional like FrontLine Employee Wellness Newsletter. Whichever you choose, you will know that every employee will have easy access to the same information at the same time. You can address a wealth of subjects through employee newsletter such as how to get along with one another, how to work more effectively with difficult people, ways to resolve conflict in a positive manner, improving team skills, and much more.

Creating an employee newsletter ALWAYS proves to be a challenge for small businesses. Economically speaking, the time devoted each week to the newsletter may take away valuable employee hours. In order to research, write, format, and develop each newsletter, not to mention sending it out to all employees, can take a tremendous amount of time. Some company managers even spend a great deal of their downtime struggling to create newsletters that are engaging and provide useful information to their employees, and still fall short.

Go here to get a free trial to an editable workplace wellness employee newsletter. There is no bill, no invoice, no hassle, just three months of relief. Let us know later if you wish to continue.

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