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How a Customized, Editable Newsletter Can Help Take Your Organization to the Next Level

June 19, 2019

How a Customized, Editable Newsletter Can Help Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Do you often find it difficult to communicate effectively with your employees? Do you feel as if there is an invisible barrier between you that is affecting overall productivity?

For reasons that you might find difficult to determine, morale in the workplace may be particularly low and while your business is certainly getting by, you know that it could be so much better. How can you break through these barriers, engage more effectively with your staff and take your company to the next level?

Newsletter with a Difference

You have to find an answer to your workplace communication problems and Front Line Employee can help. This is an internal newsletter but with a significant difference. It’s a completely editable and customizable newsletter written by professionals, with articles that are designed to motivate, engage, energize and excite your workers.

More Than Just Words

Imagine how your workers will respond when they receive a monthly newsletter like this, crammed full of articles that are valid, valuable and actionable. They can: 

  • Find out how to be more productive in the workplace and happier at home. 
  • Learn skills that will make it easier to interact with others and get a lot more done in less time. 
  • Pick up valuable tips that will help them be better parents, save more money, be more effective, worry less and achieve a lot more job satisfaction.

Actionable Content

During the course of a year, articles will cover a wide variety of different and equally as important subjects.

For example, team building.

How can the individual get more done, stay cohesive, be a better team player or hold more productive meetings?

Or take stress management.

How can he or she avoid the dreaded burnout, recognize the warning signs, assess the situation and change course?

Your employees will benefit from tips to help them achieve their goals and be more effective in the everyday world. There’ll be able to get more done, plan ahead, manage their money, stay positive or motivate themselves and others around them.

At Work

In the workplace, they will learn how to be more proficient in the customer service arena. They will learn how to deal with particularly difficult customers, maintain the correct attitude at all times, reduce stress, and always stay positive.

At Home

If they are going through personal problems at home, they can pick up some valuable pointers in the newsletter. They’ll find out where to get help when it’s needed, know when to reach out and learn how to prevent common problems.

The Better Way

You may have tried and failed to produce an internal newsletter in the past. You know that this type of work can be very time-consuming, and you certainly don’t have the time to do it yourself. If you allocate this work to another employee, it may take up a lot of their productive time and you may end up spending far more than you would like. 

This is why companies like yours have tried and then failed to generate this type of communications tool, but imagine how much easier it would be if most of the work was done for you?

Your new newsletter will be pre-written in the form of a template and you can add your own items of news should you like. You can also brand the newsletter as your own by easily adding your logo and corporate identification.

Widespread Use

Front Line Employee is such an exciting proposition that more than three million employees across thousands of organizations enjoy reading its content on a monthly basis. They work at dozens of universities, hospitals and military installations, or they may be state employees in New York, Washington and New Hampshire. It’s good enough for the federal government as well, as recruits at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado can attest.


Each article is professionally written by experts in the field. The goal of each piece is to keep employees engaged with interesting, concise and actionable content.

Readers are encouraged to share the content with their families so that they can all benefit. This will lead to a happier home environment and the benefits will permeate through to your business.

You won’t find any long-winded or tedious articles in Front Line Employee. Instead, you will find content that is punchy, fast reading and entertaining. The authors understand how to write in such a way that the content will fully engage with employees and their families to produce great results.

Your Employees Want This

Make no mistake, your employees want to work in a place with fewer conflicts, mutual respect and high morale. They want to be more productive, communicate more effectively with management and have better relationships with their co-workers. Each of the articles in Front Line Employee is designed with this in mind and over the course of the year, these articles will be delivered in your own, editable and personalized internal newsletter.

How It Works

Your version of Front Line Employee will be delivered to you via email and you can use it “as is” if you want. You may also edit and customize all of the content, add your own articles, move content from one issue to the next or change how often you distribute. It’s editable in MS Word or MS Publisher and is also available in PDF form. You can customize the masthead with your name and logo to match your company branding.

Then, all you need to do is upload to your website, email to your employees or print it out if you need. When you load it to your website, you simply send an email to your employees with a clickable link for them to access.

Be Engaged

If you really want to take this to heart, then why not suggest content for future issues of Front Line Employee? This can help to generate new articles that will be of benefit not just to your organization but to others around the country as well.

Try It for Yourself

Try Front Line Employee for yourself and get a free, three-month trial. You will quickly see how beneficial this internal newsletter can be to your organization. You will be able to break through those invisible barriers, supercharge your employee morale and, most importantly, take your company to the next level.

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