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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Terms: All products are processed and shipped within five business days, however most purchases and requests are shipped the same day. All products are digital, so there are no shipping costs.

Please contact us 24-hours a day if you have a special request for faster shipment, and we will try to accommodate you.

Add,, to your address book if you subscribe to any of the newsletters.

Free Preview of Products: Free previews of products are available upon request either by phone, through the Web site, or any other way you can reach us.

Refunds: 100% full refunds are guaranteed on any product for the full length of the subscription. This is how strongly we believe in our products and our 27 years of experience teach EAPs and EA professionals--some of the fields biggest names how to reduce risk, increase productivity, help troubled workers, and enhance their communities.

Free trial newsletters are not billed unless otherwise arranged, but before canceling your free trial subscription, we will ask if you wish to continue as a paid subscriber. We don't bill you, chase you down, or make you obligated to us for anything.

Subscriptions that are subsequently purchased may be cancelled at anytime during the first year with a full refund of the paid amount without questions or quibbles. Renewed subscriptions are subject to pro-rated refunds.

Declined Preview Requests: We may, at our sole discretion, refuse to allow a product to be previewed to any person or organization for any reason. In most instances, this is because the requesting person needs the product only for a one-time instructive purpose or research with no intention to buy it later.

We may also refuse requests to preview a product where we believe a person has no intention of purchasing the product or for some other reason i.e.; no authority within their organization to make an independent purchasing decision; or has no ability to encumber funds for the purchase. Sending previews is expensive, so we try to curtail previews where we determine that the likelihood of a purchase is remote or nonexistent.

Price changes: We believe our prices are the lowest possible with the highest quality. DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC strives to maintain prices at the lowest level. Occasionally, prices change without notice and may not be the same price found in a catalog that you may have received in the mail or found online.