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Work Life Excel Corporate Health & EAP Wellness Newsletter

Work Life Excel® is a PDF employee newsletter or company newsletter sent bimonthly or monthly. It is the only wellness and productivity corporate newsletter written by mental health and employee assistance professionals with more than 25 years of EAP experience. Articles delve deeper and give employees practical information and actionable tips on increasing productivity, enhancing wellness, improving workplace relationships, and balancing work and family. Work Life Excel® inspires employees with fast-moving, lively, and energetic articles that don’t just get read—they get remembered. Work Life Excel® reads as good as it looks!

Work Life Excel®also keeps the management's needs in mind for increased productivity and reduced behavioral risk and exposure by including articles on safety, injury prevention and recovery, stress management, attendance, behavioral issues, preventing harassment, and offering better customer service, and using a company EAP to resolve personal problems.

Work Life Excel® focuses on Work-life balance - improving productivity - managing stress - improving work teams - promoting a respectful workplace - improving coworker relationships - safety tips for employees at home and at work - improving customer service - customer service stress management - motivational to encourage help-seeking behavior - achieve goals - improving relationships with one's supervisor - boost personal performance on the job - recovering faster after on-the-job injuries - better family living - teenager issues - coping with personal crisis - preventing on-the-job violence - and selected health and productivity news from hundreds of original sources.

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FAQ - How are FrontLine Employee Newsletter and Work Life Excel Employee Newsletter different?
FrontLine Employee and Work Life Excel have the same exact content, except Work Life Excel has two additional articles. Work Life Excel is not editable, while FrontLine Employee is editable in MS Publisher or MS Word. FrontLine Employee is also available in PDF or text-only format. Subscribers may receive all four formats of FrontLine Employee at no additional charge. Work Life Excel requires a $150 per year extra fee if we send it with a unique masthead. FrontLine Employee requires a $100 extra fee per year if we send with the customized, free nameplate. Work Life Excel is not available to managed care EAPs or Insurance Companies. EAPs are also restricted to some degree by price and both newsletter have their own price charges. Work Life Excel carries our branding, copyright, and logo at the bottom of page one. FrontLine Employee does not carry identifying information to give your organization a more seamless look.

Employee Newsletter nameplate/masthead examples we have created free for subscribers

Mastheads are free. Send your logo, Web site URL, and name of your newsletter. We will explore your Web site, industry, colors, and economic purpose. We will then send a few masthead ideas that will blow you away. You then pick the one you like best (if you can!) and we will modify it until you love it.