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  • FrontLine Supervisor EAP Utilization Newsletter

    FrontLine Supervisor EAP Utilization Newsletter

    Don't lose your EAP to a managed care company. Keep your employee utilization high. Educate supervisors to use the EAP as a positive, pro-people, pro-organization management tool, and decrease risk of violence, problem relationships with employees, and a host of other terrible things. And do it all with a FREE TRIAL!


Employee Newsletters Are Now Easy. Get a No Flop Employee Newsletter for Your Company that Improves
Communication, Promotes Wellness,
and Helps Increase Productivity.

Putting together employee newsletters is an awful chore, so most employers don’t attempt to put together employee newsletters. Instead, they only wish they geto get one that does not flop.
Yes, newsletters improve communication, wellness, and productivity, but they are nearly impossible to keep up with. So, virtually all attempts fail. Does this sound familiar to you?
Employee Newsletters Examples and Ideas
I want to give you a turnkey editable employee newsletter I created called FrontLine Employee. My name is Dan Feerst,
and I discovered how to give employers their own newsletter in MS Publisher or MS Word, a PDF, or just the text completely done and ready to use. No pain, but ALL GAIN!

Thousands of Employers Get FrontLine Employee Newsletter and It is 100% Guaranteed to Solve Newsletter Nightmares for a FULL YEAR--All 12 Issues or Your Money Back.

Our guarantee is only the beginning, so keep reading.

When the government of the State of New York heard about my solution, they instantly signed up for their 150,000 employees!  So did the U.S. Social Security Administration headquarters in Wash., D.C., and hospitals, universities, credit unions, and other big and small companies nationwide.

We are the ONLY commercial employee newsletter service EVER used by the U.S. Congress -- both House and Senate! They had lots of choices. They chose us.

I am a licensed clinical social worker, but with my 30 years of experience, I could not produce an employee newsletter on time for my own employer, no matter how hard I tried. I nearly burned out because employee newsletters are like water torture--the need to do the next issue is always there--like a painful drip.  You almost go crazy. Can you relate?

I was determine to make employee newsletters easier, so I created this solution I solved the problem for every employer in the world--every one especially that has the job of doing the newsletter, and all the other jobs in the position description besides that one.

I decided to write the employee newsletter on weekends, give it to my employer for free, but then offer it to employers like you who needed a customizable, editable, but “already-done-for-you” newsletter you could use or manipulate.

Here’s What You Get with the Employee Newsletter Service!

FrontLine Employee newsletter comes in your e-mail as an MS Publisher or MS Word file. You can also get straight text or a PDF. Choose
any or all of these formats. There is no extra charge.

FrontLine Employee newsletter is two pages, monthly, and is 100% editable and customizable. You can change it all you want.
Add your own news, announcements, whatever! If you already have a newsletter, great! You can use just the articles we  can send in
MS Word to save you  time and ensure your newsletter always gets done on time.

The employee newsletter we send to you every month a week early is packed with cutting-edge articles in two pages that
include everything from work-life wellness to tips for getting to work on time. We tackle family problems, substance abuse,
teen issues, eldercare problems, financial issues, relationship conflicts, and hundreds of other work-life-productivity topics.

Yes we cover getting along with difficult people -- it is one of our most requested topics with the FREE Newletter hotline suggestion
link we give to you. That's right, email us anytime and give us your desired topic idea...We use 95% of our subscribers ideas.

With FrontLine Employee newsletter, you have permission to add, edit, or insert your own articles, change the frequency of distribution, or
move articles from one issue to the next.

You can change the name of FrontLine Employee, too. Ask me to design a professional, customize masthead just for you.
It’s free! Just give me your logo, website, and newsletter title. My awesome graphics staff will create a nameplate, and I will
email it to you. Once you approve it at no charge, it's yours. Simply paste it to the top of your newsletter each month. Done!

E-mail your newsletter (generate a PDF when you do this) to employees and also to family members for extra impact! Print as
many hard copies as you need. Can you see how employee newsletters are no longer a pain with FrontLine Employee?
It is the perfect newsletter solution!

About Your $500 FREE Bonus

I hope you are sitting down because I am going to give you $500 in free reproducible AND editable workplace wellness tip
sheets from my sister site at HandoutsPlus.com - and I am going to give the best ones! Fighting negativity, understanding depression,
resolving conflicts, getting along with difficult people, getting along with your boss, facing commuter stress, managing shift worker stress,
and more. I sell workplace wellness tip sheets to employers world wide, but you won't pay a thing for this awesome collection when
you become a paid subscriber.

Choose to become a paid subscriber now and I will send a CD with these $500 worth of work-life and productivity tip
sheets normally sold for $17 each. Keep it, even if you cancel later!

Your Complete Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If FrontLine Employee newsletter doesn’t surprise you with an overnight positive impact on your employees, or if for any reason
you ever feel FrontLine Employee is not worth its weight in gold, I will gladly refund your entire subscription price.

Here’s How to Order an Employee Newsletter! Use the shopping cart here! or........

Use page 4 of the brochure you will see here.

Fax, email, or phone 1-800-626-4327 to get started.

You can also phone me personally, too. I answer my own phone!

Yours truly,

signature of Dan Feerst

Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW,  LISW-CP   SC #8845
Founding Publisher and Executive Editor

P.S. Urgent—a FREE TRIAL is yours, but if you decide to subscribe NOW AT NO RISK WHATSOEVER, you will receive
the Wellness Tip Sheet Library CD worth $500!

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